Age UK Camden launches scam prevention service

15:33 January 31, 2022

Seniors in Camden can access a new service aimed at helping them protect themselves from fraudsters.

Age UK Camden’s Information and Advice Team have launched a new scam prevention and support service for older people.

Charity staff are working with Trading Standards, local police and Camden Community Safety Officers to deliver the project.

The service offers personalized support to any customer aged 50 and over who has been scammed, is worried about a scam or wants more information and advice on avoiding scams.

An elderly person in the UK becomes a victim of fraud every 40 seconds, the charity has said.

Fraudsters target older people because they may be lonely, willing to listen, and more confident than younger people.

Some of the most common crimes include impersonating a trusted organization to trick you into divulging personal information, selling a product that never materializes, and promising a gift and then demanding a small sum of money to secure it.

Paul Webley, Information and Advice Manager at Age UK Camden
– Credit: Age UK Camden

Paul Webley, information and advice manager at Age UK Camden, said: “Being the victim of a scam can have a devastating effect on an older person.

“Our goal is to keep Camden’s older generation as safe as possible from financial crime.

“The scams are constantly on the rise and constantly changing. The scammers target people of all ages, but as older people are likely to be at home during the day and many live alone, they may be at greater risk of fall prey to this particular type of fraud.”

He said the one-on-one counseling sessions, which can be face-to-face, via video chat or over the phone, will help people feel more confident and better equipped to recognize a scam.

“We will also offer and present panel discussions and presentations throughout the borough for organizations that support older adults such as community and social groups and sheltered housing programs,” he said.

The service has been funded by Lloyds Banking Group for two years and will be operational until January 2024.

Those interested in booking a scam support session should contact [email protected]

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