American author who wrote ‘How to Murder Your Husband’ is on trial for her husband’s murder

An American author who wrote an article titled “How to Murder Your Husband” is now on trial for killing her husband.

According to reports, American author Crampton Brophy, author of the title “How To Murder Your Husband”, is accused of killing her 63-year-old husband, Daniel Brophy. The author is accused of shooting her husband with a gun she bought on eBay.

Brophy is also the author of the “Wrong Never Felt So Right” series of novels which includes “The Wrong Husband” and “The Wrong Lover”.

On June 2, 2018, Brophy was found dead by students in a class. He had been shot twice. Investigators said the barrel of the Glock handgun used in the murder was purchased by the suspect on eBay.

According to the prosecution, security camera footage captured Crampton Brophy’s van outside the Oregon Culinary Institute on June 2, 2018, exactly when her chef husband was killed in one of the halls. school class.

Prosecutors also alleged the 71-year-old writer struggled to make payments on her mortgage, however, she paid for multiple life insurance policies that would pay a total of $1.4 million in the event of her death. from her husband.

“I do better with Dan living financially than with Dan dead,” Crampton Brophy reportedly admitted in court in Portland this week.

Earlier, Crampton Brophy had the courthouse which she does not remember being there, however, she later acknowledged that she must have been at the crime scene. She had insisted she was in the area because she was driving to find inspiration for a story.

“He is not a man I would have shot because I had a memory problem. It seems to me that if I had shot him, I would know all the details,” the author had said.

Apparently, Crampton Brophy admitted to buying a Glock pistol, which she says was for her husband to protect himself when he went mushroom hunting in the woods. However, she maintained that the missing barrel was purchased as part of the search for an unfinished novel.

“There was a big separation between what was meant for writing and what was meant for protection,” she told the court.

This barrel that was used to kill has never been found.

Meanwhile, Crampton Brophy’s novel remains accessible online and his books can still be purchased on Amazon. Apparently, her blog on murdering a husband discusses the methods and motives for sending an unwanted spouse. These include financial gain and the use of a gun, although guns are noted to be “noisy, messy, require some skill”.

“But what I do know about murder is that each of us has it within us when pushed far enough,” the essay reads.

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