Court Grants AGF’s Request to Extradite Alleged Fraud Suspect to US

Wale Igbintade

A Federal High Court in Lagos yesterday accepted the request of the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) to extradite an Adedunmola Gbadegesin, to the United States of America (USA), to face fraud charges.

Judge Daniel Osiagor granted the AGF’s request, following arguments on the extradition request filed and argued by Dr. Pius Akutah, Chief Counsel in the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF). The AGF had seized the court for the extradition of Adedunmola within the framework of an action numbered FHC/L/CS/765/2021.

The request was made under the Extradition Act (Cap. E25) of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

In the application, Adedunmola faces two counts of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to launder money.

Each of the offenses was in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1343 and 1349, with the maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

Judge Osiagor, after hearing Dr. Akutah and the counter affidavit filed by the attorney for the alleged fraud suspect, concluded that: “Original motion order from the United States of America trial court, letter of original request duly signed by Interpol and the lawyer- The request of the General of Nigeria to release the accused is attached.

“I am satisfied that the Plaintiff has been able to establish a prima facie case against the Respondents that warrants consideration of the prayers requested in the Motion Materials.

“Consequently, I hereby order that the Respondent be placed in the custody of Interpol pending the approval and consent of the Attorney General of the Federation for his extradition to the United States of America.”

The Attorney General of the Federation had, in an affidavit filed with Bello Sholadoye, District Attorney, Central Authority Unit, Department of International Cooperation, Federal Ministry of Justice, stated that in July 2021, States -United of America had requested the extradition of Adedunmola Gbadegesin.

Bello said that under the laws of the United States, the suspect would not be detained or tried in that country for any offense committed before his surrender other than the extradition offense.

He also stated that he was satisfied that the offense for which Adedunmola Gbadegesin was wanted was not committed with the aim of prosecuting or punishing him because of his race, religion, nationality or nationality. his political views, adding that said request was made in good faith and in the interests of justice

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