Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen rejoices as Bill Barr receives legal papers: “Happy New Year a ** hole”

Michael Cohen has announced that his lawyers have come to the home of former Attorney General Bill Barr to serve him legal action – claiming that Donald Trump retaliated against him.

In the lawsuit, filed Thursday, Cohen, who was once Mr. Trump’s private attorney, alleges the former president retaliated against him for writing revealing memoirs.

Cohen took on twitter to reveal the news, signing his Tweet saying “Happy New Year *****” to the former attorney general.

As was first reported by The daily mail, the lawsuit has been filed in Manhattan federal court, and it sees Cohen seeking damages for “extreme physical and emotional damage” caused by Mr. Trump.

It is claimed that much of the animosity between men stems from Cohen’s explosive book: Treacherous: The True Story of President Donald J. Trump’s Former Personal Prosecutor – who savagely the 75-year-old woman.

The lawyer struck off the bar was recently released after serving a three-year prison sentence, which he accuses his former boss of having swollen in an act of bitter revenge.

He presented to prison in May 2019, but was returned to house arrest after 11 months due to Covid-19.

Federal authorities abruptly ordered him to return to prison a few weeks later, claiming that he did not agree to certain conditions of his release. Cohen, however, maintains that he simply asked for clarification on the terms of his release.

The 55-year-old says the second stint behind bars began with 16 grueling days in solitary confinement. Meanwhile, Cohen says he suffered from shortness of breath, severe headaches, and anxiety inside a cramped cell that he only left for 30 minutes a day.


“What happened here is just apparent. It’s political retribution, ”said Andrew Laufer, Cohen’s lawyer, says Courthouse News . “They violated my client’s First Amendment rights by retaliating against him, and we intend to seek compensation for this.”

He added: “It is only an integral part of what the Trump administration stood for.”

Cohen was not shy about speaking out on several separate entanglements involving the former president and his extended family.

In February 2019, during a testimony given to Congress, the former fixer admitted that Mr. Trump has inflated and deflated his own assets.

It is now the subject of a civilian investigation in New York into possible financial fraud by the Trump Organization.

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