Former Trump Organization lawyer says he expects more indictments


WASHINGTON – Defense attorney for former Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg told a New York judge he expected more indictments in a tax fraud case brought by the Manhattan district attorney.

“We have good reason to believe that there are more indictments to come,” Weisselberg attorney Bryan Skarlatos told Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan, according to Bloomberg.

The defense attorney also requested a postponement of the trial schedule, arguing that they were arguing against a “moving target” in the case.

Weisselberg faces indictment of 15 counts allegation of criminal tax evasion, conspiracy and falsification of business records. Skarlatos also said the amount of evidence submitted – over 6 million documents – would require a team of defense lawyers working around the clock to respond.

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Weisselberg used corporate funds to finance his homes in New York and Florida, as well as his children’s lifestyles, according to court documents. He resigned from his post with the Trump Organization over the summer.

Solomon Shinerock, an attorney for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, rebuffed the defense complaints, arguing that most of the documents came from the Trump Organization and could be easily reviewed.

“Sir. Weisselberg has been with the Trump Organization for 35 years and is its chief financial officer. And while he may not have technical access to some of the records, as far as the financial records go, Mr. Weisselberg is the boss, ”Shinerock said.

“Nor is Mr. Weisselberg an innocent party taken as collateral damage,” Shinerock continued, according to CNN.

The judge agreed to a 120-day motions schedule starting in January while noting that “a lot of the documents came from the defendants themselves” and that their claims were “a little misleading” as the defense team are already “familiar. with most documents. “

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