Fraud incidents via Facebook Marketplace


Police issue warning following fraud incident that took place via Facebook Marketplace.

A recent incident saw a woman from Cheltenham swindle £ 600 over the sale of a phone she had advertised.

The woman arranged for a man to come to her address so he could purchase the phone and when the buyer arrived he said he would pay through online banking.

The victim gave his bank details and the money was presented as deposited. The phone was therefore returned because the victim believed the payment had been made.

She later found out that the man had canceled the transfer and was no longer able to be contacted.

A number of similar incidents have taken place over the past few months and people may not be aware of the risk they are taking by selling phones through the Marketplace.

The public is advised not to accept payment offers in this manner and instead use a more secure payment method such as Facebook Pay or cash.

Before using an online platform to buy or sell, please check the processes in place to protect yourself from financial loss if a transaction does not go as planned.

Police recognize that buy and sell pages can be a good way to earn extra money and get rid of unwanted items in your home, but they ask you to consider the following tips when selling items. objects in this way:

1) Meet the buyer in a public place you know and know, maybe even a local parking lot or cafe / restaurant you know is covered by CCTV.

2) Take a friend or relative with you.

3) If you feel nervous or unsure of the situation you are in, maybe you can take a photo or video so that the buyer can later be identified in the event of a dispute or theft.

If you have been the victim of this scam, please notify the police by filling out the following online form or calling 101:

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