Give your opinion on police funding in Gwent for 2022 and 2023


Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Cuthbert asks residents for their views on police funding for the upcoming fiscal year.

Almost 50 percent of Gwent’s overall police budget now comes from local council taxpayers, and the Police and Crime Commissioner is responsible for setting the amount residents pay for police services each month.

To make this decision, he must take into account:

  • The amount of money the Chief of Police said Gwent Police need to operate an effective and efficient service.
  • The annual financial regulations of the British government.
  • Affordability for local taxpayers.

Mr. Cuthbert said: “Daily policing demands continue to increase. I am committed to increasing police posts in Gwent and am proud that today we are in a much better position than when I was first elected in 2016, with over 200 additional police officers on duty. of our communities.

“Our medium-term financial planning tells us that to keep services at current levels we would need a house tax precept increase of up to £ 2 per month for the average D-band property. This would also allow us to invest in 10 more community police support officers to work in our communities.

“This is always an incredibly difficult decision to make and before making a final decision I want to hear your point of view. Please take the time to complete the survey and have your say.


An increase of up to £ 2 per month (based on D-Band ownership) would allow Gwent Police to maintain current police levels of 1,424, and also maintain previous investments in priority areas such as neighborhood policing, child protection, hate crimes, domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, serious and organized crime and victim support.

It would also create an additional 10 Police Community Support Officer positions, bringing the total number of PCSOs in Gwent to 142. This is part of an ongoing plan to invest in PCSOs, which will boost their number to 175 over the next three years.

To give your opinion before the investigation closes on Sunday January 9, visit

Other formats of the investigation are available on request from the Office of the Commissioner of Police and Crime by sending an email to [email protected] or by calling 01633 642200.

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