I am constantly told that I am a “fraud” because I wear makeup so well, yes I look totally different but I don’t care

It’s always good to have makeup on hand to help hide bags under the eyes or patchy skin.

And many Britons will admit that they can’t live without their lipstick, eyelashes and pencil.


This TikTok influencer shares makeup videos with her followersCredit: daphsierrat / TikTok
However, some fans referred to her as


However, some fans called her a “fraud” because of her major transformation.Credit: daphsierrat / TikTok

But a makeup expert, who has 55.2,000 followers on TikTok, caused a lot of debate in her comments because of the amount she uses.

Some people have a problem, because she looks completely “different” and was quick to comment on it too.

In one of his videos, the woman, who is called daphnesierrat, films herself applying blush to her cheeks.

But based on her previous videos, people can’t believe she’s the same person, with some even telling her to stop being a “fraud.”


In one clip, she shares a before and after video of her makeup transformation with another person’s commentary on top.

He would say, “This is exactly why makeup should be illegal !!! IT’S FRAUD… 10 years minimum if you ask me!

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However, the comment does not seem to bother her.

Others support her with her transformation videos with just one handwriting: “Go on girl, and do your best.”

In another video she shared, others wondered if she was the same person.

The makeup artist tries to prove that she is the same person with and without makeup but some do not believe it.

One of them simply wrote, “Not the same room, not the same person.

Another added: “Trust issues. “

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