IFSEC’s global influencers in safety and fire 2021


We are delighted to unveil the IFSEC Global influencers in security and fire 2021.

Chosen on the basis of nominations judged by a panel of well-respected judges, the influencers span seven categories (six for safety, one for fire), with nominees and winners coming from around the world.

We have defined “influence” as follows:

  • Someone who played a key role in driving technological innovation
  • Someone who has been a driving force for change regulation, standards / guidance or best training
  • Someone whose ideas / opinions are widely respected and who influence shape the debate around industry issues
  • Someone who contributed to the success of the organization or business they direct or are employed by
  • Someone who helped raise the industry profile or been an influential voice in the national media

The process

The process consisted of two stages. First, we invited nominations from IFSEC’s global audience and beyond. Then a panel of judges, drawn from all industries and banned from being on the list themselves, awarded points to each nomination based on the persuasiveness of the nomination, their research on the nominee, and their own knowledge. candidate contributions to their field. . The judges were also allowed to submit a limited number of nominations themselves, which were then scored by the other judges.

Chief Justice, Grant Lecky

Some categories have a different number of influencers compared to others, reflecting the number and quality of nominations submitted for this year’s process.

We would like to thank Grant Lecky, co-founder of the Security Partners Forum, for his tireless efforts as Senior Judge – for the fifth year in a row. Grant, who himself was on IFSEC Global’s list of top influencers in 2014 and 2017, appointed the panel of security judges (which you can view here) and coordinated the nominations and the judging process. Thank you also to Bonnie Butlin, co-founder of the Security Partners Forum and number one in the international rankings of opinion leaders in 2017, for helping to coordinate the process.

We would also like to thank all who submitted a nomination and congratulate all who were nominated, whether nominated here or not – the quality and quantity of nominations has been extremely high this year. It is quite clear the passion that many professionals involved in safety and fire safety have for their respective industries, and the IFSEC Global Influencer Awards are designed to recognize the commitments of individuals across the world, as broadly as possible.

Only nominees were eligible for the judging process. It should also be noted that there are sometimes crossovers between some of these categories (for example, end users and security officers). To be clear, each category is as prestigious as the others, and the people selected from the categories were purely based on their nominated category.

IFSEC Global Security & Fire 2021 influencers – categories

Commercial Security – Security Officers

Commercial security – Figures from associations / academics / opinion leaders

Business Security – End Users (including some Security Managers / Chief Security Officers)

Cyber ​​security professionals

Commercial security – Manufacturers / Sellers / Integrators / Installers

To watch out for – Security

Fire safety influencers (including one to watch for the first time!)

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