Investigator left annoyed by man’s attempt to use fraudulent passport


A man working in fraud investigations posted a photo online of a man’s hilarious attempt to use a very famous face as a photo on his fraudulent passport.

Passport was flagged as “manipulated” for its hilarious photo choice

Fraud is no joke, but sometimes the attempt to impersonate someone else is so bad you can’t help but laugh.

This is what happened when a man working in the fraud investigation field found himself crying with laughter after being seized of a case involving a “tampered with passport”.

The passport was that of a person from Oklahoma, USA, born in 1967, but the photo on the legal document instead showed a very famous face – Justin Bieber.

Posting a photo of the document on Twitter, the man wrote: “I work in fraud and was investigating a fraudulent account that had been rejected for a tampered with passport, so I went to check it out and that’s what I’m doing. have seen.”

The document photo left people on Twitter in stitches

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Since the photo was shared, the man’s tweet has racked up nearly 8,000 retweets and over 96,000 likes.

And other Twitter users can’t believe someone is attempting to impersonate a world-famous popstar on their legal documents.

Someone commented: “Imagine you can get away with trying to be Justin Bieber.”

To which another commentator replied, “Wait, why did they think this would work? “

And someone else wrote, “I’m afraid he thought it would work, to be honest.”

It’s unclear what prompted the mysterious passport holder to think he might pose as the Yummy singer, but it appears they only chose to use his photo, as Justin was actually born in 1994 and is from London, Canada.

And many commentators were quick to point out the discrepancies in the rest of the passport.

One wrote: “Justin Bieber isn’t even from the United States, let alone Oklahoma!

While another said, “Justin’s birthday isn’t October, it’s March 1 like mine.”

And a third joked, “I didn’t know Justin Bieber was 54.”

However, a Twitter user revealed that his friend also had a fake passport with an old photo of Kim Kardashian on it.

They wrote: “They are really trying !! My boyfriend had a document, and the photo was of Kim Kardashian from the early 2000s. ”

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