London-Based FinTech B4B Payments Partners with Amsterdam Transaction Monitoring Startup Sentinels; here’s why

B4B Payments of London, a company specializing in smart corporate payments and card solutions for businesses, has partnered with Amsterdam-based AI-based transaction monitoring startup Sentinels.

With this partnership, B4B Payments will support anti-money laundering (AML) compliance in European markets.

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Provider of card issuance solutions for businesses

Founded in 2006 by Paul Swinton and Rob Anderson, B4B Payments is a financial technology company that provides payment processing solutions for businesses to manage expenses, simplify payroll, refunds, and provide rewards and incentives to employees.

B4B Payments is an electronic money institution in the UK and Lithuania regulated by FCA and Bank of Lithuania respectively, as well as a main member of Mastercard Europe and a partner of VISA Inc in the US. With over 1000 customers and growing, B4B Payments continues to offer flexible and fast solutions that eliminate outdated financial and accounting processes.

The company has extended its reach across Europe. B4B Payments Europe is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses, PIF (International Prepaid Forum), Innovate Finance and the Mayor of London’s International Business Program.

Formerly known as Payment Card Solutions, B4B Payments also manages and operates the Bread4Scrap rechargeable payment solution.

This is what Sentinels offers

Founded in 2019 by Joost van Houten, Sentinels originated from Slimmer AI, a B2B AI venture capital studio based in Groningen. Using AI and machine learning, Sentinels helps fast-growing fintechs, payment service providers, money transfer companies and banks (challenger) manage risk and meet their compliance obligations.

The platform monitors transactions, creates rich behavioral profiles, detects a wide range of suspicious activity, and automatically generates recommended next steps, saving compliance teams time and effort.

Joost van Houten says: “Never has there been a more critical time for companies to strengthen their transaction monitoring systems. We anticipate increased demand for AI-powered risk management services as digital payments increase rapidly and regulators step up their focus on financial crime prevention. “

Sentinels is ISO 27001 certified and has been designed and developed to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements in Europe. The company serves a range of customers including Mollie, Terrapay, the online payment platform, Ginger Payments and ManoBank among its customer list.

How will this partnership help B4B Payments?

B4B Payments needs a flexible AML solution that meets the monitoring requirements of the company’s diverse range of products and customers, which includes both corporate accounts and individual cardholders. The solution must also be scalable to support its growing number of transactions as it expands its portfolio of payment solutions for businesses.

Sentinels was chosen because of its ability to monitor transactions on a global scale, as well as the platform’s highly adaptable risk-based approach, which it believes enables faster and more accurate identification of fraudulent transactions.

Using data-driven insights, Sentinels optimizes transaction monitoring and AML processes, and generates real-time insights to streamline workflows and compliance. Rules-based alert formatting reduces the number of false positives and provides a clearer and more complete view of the transaction environment.

The platform combines information from different data silos with external sources to power its analytics engine. Historical data and customer feedback shape recommendations for next steps so that the information in the platform is continually improving and becoming more sophisticated.

Paul Swinton, of B4B Payments, says: “As compliance requirements become increasingly stringent in Europe, the partnership with Sentinels ensures that we are in the best position to meet these obligations and provide our stakeholders with the highest assurance that we are committed to supporting the fight against money laundering. efforts at all levels.

Recent developments in Sentinels

In October 2021, YouWorld, a California-based financial technology solution that enables native payment and currency through gift cards, partnered with Sentinels. At the time, YouWorld was adding new payment features and faced increased AML compliance obligations. Using the Sentinels platform, YouWorld was able to combine information from different data silos and make faster and better informed decisions about suspicious transactions.

Prior to that, in September 2021, London-based PPRO, a financial technology company that offers local payment infrastructure to financial institutions, partnered with the Amsterdam-based startup. The companies said the partnership would improve anti-money laundering controls for PPRO and its clients by allowing faster response time to suspicious transactions. In addition, PPRO also invested an undisclosed amount in the Dutch company.

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