Mail fraud warning after victim loses £ 250,000


POLICE have warned people to be on their guard after a victim lost more than £ 200,000.

West Mercia Police have said in recent days that elderly and vulnerable people have been called in by people posing as police or bank workers to get money.

One victim lost over £ 250,000.

Detective Inspector Emma Wright said: “Unfortunately, these predators are once again targeting vulnerable people who are tricked into believing their bank accounts have been compromised.

“These victims may not have seen the information recently or were unaware of media and police reports regarding this scam.

“I urge anyone who has elderly or vulnerable parents to call them, call their neighbor over the fence or remind them if they walk into your store that the police will never call you and ask you to remove your silver. No agent will ever ask you to go to a bank and hand over your money as part of an investigation, if a loved one is in custody or if your account has been compromised. One method used to ensure that a victim paid a criminal was that there was a case open on her and she had to pay almost £ 1,000 or she would be arrested.

“Everyone should also remember that no bank or government agency will ever contact you to ask you to disclose personal or financial information or require you to participate in an activity to support an ongoing investigation of theirs. This tactic, similar to the bogus cop method, cost a victim over £ 250,000 last week.

“These criminals are senior members of organized crime gangs with the confidence and experience to be very convincing and courier fraud is only one part of their criminal activity. But we can defeat them with a simple act: hang up the phone. No police officer will phone your grandmother, your father or yourself to ask for your money. They are lying, they are criminals and you can beat them by ending the call.

“So please tell anyone you think you need to know, that no police officer in any force or department will ever ask you to hand over money or transfer money, no matter what. either their name or their unit. I would like to reassure the people of Herefordshire and Worcestershire that we are investigating these crimes and gangs and that we want to hear from anyone who has been contacted in this way.

“Although these cases of the last few days are concentrated in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, I would ask everyone to be aware.

“Remember that the police will never contact you to ask for your bank card, contact details, money or ask you to go to a bank to withdraw money. If anyone does, it’s a scam – don’t give any details or give anything away, hang up, wait ten minutes and then call 101.

“If the crime is still going on, because, for example, you recently provided bank details or handed over cards or cash or are going to visit your bank or the caller arranged a visit to your address to recover objects, you must call the police to report it on 999.

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