Mike Lindell: Idaho official blows up MyPillow guy after state recount shows fewer votes for Trump


A furious Idaho election official said Mike Lindell’s efforts to “tarnish” the votes in his riding by falsely alleging widespread electoral fraud should “make your blood boil.”

Several counties in Idaho carried out manual recounts after Mr Lindell alleged that 35,000 votes were transferred from Donald Trump to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election through “electronic manipulation” .

In a scathing statement, Bonner County Clerk Mike Rosedale said the election machine hacking allegations “completely missed the mark” because none of the state’s voting machines were connected to the internet.

Mr Rosedale added that it was “infuriating” that no one from Mr Lindell’s team contacted his office to verify how the votes were counted in his county.

“What this means is that someone just assigned a magical voter fraud number to all of the counties in Idaho. Their goal seems to be causing a stir. Shock and admiration. Each state. Ah the horror.

“It should make your blood boil (Democrats AND Republicans),” he wrote in a statement obtained by the Bonner County Daily Bee.

“What’s really infuriating is that no one in the Lindell Group has ever called Bonner County Elections to even find out what kind of equipment we are using, that we weren’t connected to the internet, how we communicated with the secretary. of state, nothing.

“No verification or validation of claims. In an attempt to seemingly try to make a splash, he has tarnished the reputations of perhaps thousands of counties across the United States. A smooth move, Mr. Lindell.

Mr Rosedale said he had previously supported “Mr Lindell’s focus on massive voter fraud” in six key states.

He plans to broadcast the Bonner County recount live on October 8.

Since Mr. Lindell aired his allegations of electoral fraud in Idaho in a document he calls The Big Lie, several counties in Idaho have carried out recounts on the orders of the Idaho Secretary of State, Lawrence Denney.

When the manual recount votes returned from Butte County, it was found that the votes cast for former President Donald Trump fell from 1,202 to 1,193, while Joe Biden’s votes remained at 130, according to Boise’s Channel. 11.

Results in Camas County remained almost unchanged, with Mr. Trump’s vote count dropping from 507 to 508 and his opponent’s remaining the same at 149.

“Once we had the (Big Lie) document in hand, we immediately thought there was something wrong,” Idaho Assistant Secretary of State Chad Houck said.

“At least seven counties in Idaho do not have electronic steps in their vote counting processes. It was a huge red flag, and we knew we could prove or disprove it pretty straightforward. “

Mr Lindell has repeatedly claimed to have uncovered evidence of fraud in last year’s presidential election without offering any evidence.

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