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My Christmas was ruined after ordering a brand new PS5

ONE MAN claimed his Christmas was wasted after ordering a brand new PlayStation 5 – only to find a bag of RICE inside the package instead.

The player was devastated after discovering that the Amazon package he received did not contain a new console.


A packet of rice arrived in place of a PS5

The man took to Reddit to signal his disappointment by sharing a photo of the package.

He wrote in the caption: “I ordered a PS5 from Amazon, I can say my Christmas was ruined.”

The photo shows a half-open Amazon box with a huge bag of rice inside, instead of a shiny new PlayStation 5.

The player then updated their post saying that Amazon asked them to send the rice back in order to receive their refund.

A Redditor said, “If it’s sold by Amazon, it’s usually a thing where suppliers send their stock to Amazon warehouses.”

While another joked, “On the positive side, there’s no shortage of rice at Christmas dinner.

Another commented: “It’s so stupid and so hilarious.”

Someone said, “I guess you could say no pain, no grain from this experience!” “

An Amazon spokesperson said, “Amazon would ask the customer to contact us so that we can investigate.”

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