MyPillow targets wider consumer base and opens UK branch


MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has launched a branch of his company in the UK.

Products for UK consumers will be manufactured at a factory based in the city of Coventry in the West Midlands.

In a video advertisement on its UK website, the company said: “With its unique technology and design, MyPillow has taken America by storm and is now available here in the UK for the first time.”

Several products are advertised on the site, with prices ranging from £ 17 to £ 119.

According to a report by The Scotsman, the Coventry plant employs an average of three employees per month and is based in some industrial park.

MyPillow did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Lindell has remained in the limelight in recent months for reasons other than business interests. He has repeatedly claimed that the 2020 US election was rigged, despite a lack of evidence. At a political rally on Saturday, he continued to double down on those claims.

In April, Lindell filed a lawsuit against Dominion Voting Systems for $ 1.6 billion, saying the company was trying to stifle free speech. The lawsuit was part of an ongoing fight that began when Dominion sued Lindell for $ 1.3 billion in damages for spreading allegations that his machines allowed voter fraud.

Lindell also told Insider’s Grace Dean in February that he expected to lose $ 65 million in pillow revenue this year due to the retail boycott over his fraud allegations.

In April, Lindell confirmed that Costco had withdrawn its products. It was the second largest retailer to cut ties with him.

Most recently, Lindell’s attorneys said he would lose $ 2 billion as a result of his latest lawsuit against Dominion and Smartmatic.

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