Nicola Sturgeon’s husband could be questioned in police fraud investigation


Nicola Sturgeon’s husband is set to be questioned by police as part of a growing fraud investigation into SNP’s “missing” donations.

It was claimed on Sunday that senior party officials, including chief executive Peter Murrell, married to the prime minister, were to be questioned by detectives. There is also growing speculation that the police should seek warrants to obtain internal financial documents from the SNP.

Police confirmed last week that they would formally investigate complaints about the use of more than £ 600,000 in donations for independence-related campaigns, solicited from supporters during fundraising campaigns.

The SNP initially claimed that the money had been “reserved”. However, published party accounts showed the party had less than £ 100,000 in the bank at the end of 2019, raising questions about what happened to the money, with some independence supporters filing complaints with of the police.

Douglas Chapman, the former party treasurer, and Joanna Cherry, the prominent MP, are among the main party members who left internal posts after complaining about a lack of transparency.

There is now increasing pressure on Mr Murrell, with a party source telling the Scottish Sunday Mail that he had “become a source of embarrassment for the party, itself and Nicola”.

“In any normal organization, the director general would have resigned or would have been forced to step down at least temporarily in view of the police investigation,” said a party source. Sunday mail, who reported that agents have started contacting former party officials.

“But it really emphasizes that the SNP is not a normal organization. Power is centralized to an extraordinary extent in the hands of the Prime Minister and her husband.

“It is not known if anyone at the SNP has the power to remove Murrell from his post, other than his wife.”

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