Police insist Amadi made payments to Eunisell – The Sun Nigeria

By Lukman Olabiyi

the The prosecution in the trial of Kenneth Amadi charged with alleged fraud of 2.9 billion naira by the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) closed his defense with a police witness saying the businessman had carried out payments to Eunisell.

Amadi is on trial in court on charges of fraud against Eunisell brought against him by AGF.

Before closing its case last week, the prosecution called three witnesses, a policewoman, DCP Ada Anya, a chief accountant at Ammasco International Ltd, Daniel Meyachi, and a member of bank staff, Emmanuel Nwamadi.

In the latest proceedings, DCP Anya told the court that she had received a letter from the AGF ordering her to review the investigation report into the petition against Mr Amadi, which was submitted by the special unit of Fraud, Force Headquarters Abuja, to the Inspector. General of Police, through the DIG in charge of the Unit.

She said she was told there were gray areas in the report that needed further investigation and review.

Anya told the court that after reviewing the report she discovered that the defendant, Kenneth Amadi, was an employee of Eunisell Ltd, that he rose to the position of CEO, that he started a company , IDID, while still in office. of Eunisell Ltd.

She said her review showed that some payments were made to the Eunisell Diamond bank account by IDID, and that Kenneth Amadi and Happiness Amadi are the owners of said company.

Cross-examined by defense counsel, Mr OJ Akinwale, confronted the witness with the fact that Mr Amadi had indeed paid money into the Eunisell account.

During the cross-examination of the fifth witness in the production, the defense attorney informed the court of his intention to file a declaration of dismissal.

The matter was then adjourned until May 24, 2022 for a rehearing and to allow the parties to file and respond to process.

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