Report: Prosecutors Can Use Mafia Law Against Donald Trump That Goes Up To 25 Years In Jail


Just how fucked up is Donald trump? From a karmic point of view, let’s put it this way: the guy comes back in his next life as a urinal cake. And it’s not a pretty urinal cake you’ll find in the men’s room of a Madison Avenue office building – we’re talking about a urinal cake at a truck stop that saw things that a family publication like ours can’t even print. But in this life, from a legal standpoint, how fucked up is he? On the one hand, he has not yet been charged with a crime. On the other, there are four criminal investigations against him and prosecutors for one of them have reportedly taken a major step of summoning a grand jury to hear the evidence and possibly come back with indictments. And according to experts, the type of charge they are probably considering carries a prison sentence of up to 25 years. As in two and a half decades. Like at 74 – 75 next month! – Donald Trump could very well die in prison. And what a shame that would be!

Politico reports that former prosecutors and defense attorneys believe the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. could explore the possibility of arguing that Trump’s entire business empire was a corrupt corporation under a New York statute known as “little RICO”, modeled on the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, used in the United States. ‘origin to crack down on the Mafia. “I’m sure they’re thinking about it,” longtime Manhattan defense attorney Robert anello told reporters Josh gerstein and Betsy Woodruff Swan. “No self-respecting state prosecutor would give up on the charge of corporate bribery.” State law can be used with evidence of as few as three crimes involving a business or other business and carries a mandatory minimum sentence of one to three years and a maximum sentence of 25 years. . Michael Shapiro, a defense attorney who used to prosecute corruption cases in New York. “Certainly there are many things an organization or business could do to tackle corporate corruption, if all of them are done for the purpose of illegally improving the company’s revenue … this is an umbrella to which everything else fits. ”

By Politico:

Vance’s team reportedly looked at a wide range of Trump and Trump Organization activities, including whether Trump aides knowingly submitted inflated real estate appraisals to lenders and insurance companies while underestimating values ​​at for tax purposes, such as The New York Times detailed. Former Trump lawyer Michael cohen made similar statements during testimony in the House in 2019 and cooperated with Vance’s office after serving time in federal prison on multiple counts.

Prosecutors are reportedly eyeing multiple properties in their investigation of possible financial wrongdoing, including Trump’s estate in Seven Springs in Westchester County, as reported by CNBC. New York Attorney General Letitia James, who recently agreed to coordinate their efforts with Vance’s, also reviewed the ratings of the Trump Tower in Chicago and the Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles, according to a court case filed last year. The district attorney’s office also examined financial payments made during the 2016 campaign to two women in an attempt to keep stories of alleged sex with Trump from becoming public. Lawyers said the alternative explanations given for the payments could violate New York’s laws against false entry in business documents.

Yet not all lawyers are convinced that trying to claim Trump’s entire business empire is a criminal enterprise is a great idea. “Can you imagine a defense attorney standing up and saying, ‘Are you saying the whole Donald Trump business is a criminal organization? “Asked the former Manhattan district attorney. Jeremy Saland. According to Saland, the best thing for prosecutors to do would be to lay specific charges on issues such as business or tax fraud. “Why overload and complicate something that could be simple enough?” He asked. “Why muddy the water? Why give a defense attorney something that might confuse a jury and be able to say he beat a charge in a motion to dismiss? As Saland also pointed out, the penalties for crimes such as massive tax evasion are similar to those for corporate bribery, i.e. Trump could still disappear for a number of years. if he was condemned.

As for news of Vance’s office summoning a grand jury, other experts say it will almost certainly lead to charges. “Having one of these grand juries almost always means that the prosecutor has at least tentatively decided to present at least a few counts to the grand jury for consideration of an indictment or deeds of indictment. ‘charge. As a rule, the exact contours of these charges, against whom and what they will look like are not decided until much later in the long term life of the grand jury ”. Daniel Alonso, who was deputy chief prosecutor under Vance, told Politico. And in Shapiro’s experience, the grand jury will almost always agree with prosecutors on the charges. “I was a special prosecutor. I have presented a lot of cases to many special grand juries, ”Shapiro said. “Prosecutors work with the grand jury on a daily basis… The natural thing that happens is that everyone understands that we are all on the same team. Ultimately, the grand jury will do what prosecutors ask them to do … If after a few months that grand jury is asked to lay charges against Trump and others, they will – 999 times over 1000 they do.

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