Republican senator calls for a ‘spirit of forgiveness’ in the face of the Capitol riot, says it is ‘time to move on’


Kansas Republican Senator Roger Marshall says he is “so ready to move on” after supporting the GOP’s attempts to reject election results in a bid to install Donald Trump for a second term.

The senator was asked by CNN’s Pamela Brown on Saturday whether he believed her actions contributed to ongoing disinformation campaigns around election results, including an ongoing audit in Arizona hired by the state’s Republican Party.

“Republicans continue to believe the lie that this election, the last election was stolen,” she said. “You voted to reject millions of votes in Arizona and Pennsylvania. You also joined the trial in Texas to try to defeat votes cast in four states. “

“We are so ready to move on,” the senator said on Saturday. “It is time for this country to heal. It is time for a spirit of forgiveness to manifest.

On January 2, Mr. Marshall joined 10 other Republican senators – citing no evidence – who said they would reject the Electoral College results four days later over “multiple allegations of serious voter fraud. “

The Trump campaign, his administration, the Justice Department, the FBI, and bipartisan election officials in the United States have presented no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Mr. Trump continues to spread the lie, echoed by his allies, that the election was “stolen” from him.

This conspiracy theory led to a pro-Trump insurgency on the U.S. Capitol on Jan.6 as lawmakers met to certify the results.

A recent CNN poll conducted by the SSRS found that 30% of respondents still do not believe Joe Biden is the legitimate winner of the election. Of these respondents, 69 percent believe there is “strong evidence” that they did not get enough votes.

The poll found that only 23% of Republicans believe Mr. Biden legitimately received enough votes for the presidency, with 70% believing not.

The survey was carried out from April 21 to 26 with 777 respondents by cell phone and 227 people by landline.

Mr. Marshall was also asked how Republican values ​​regarding state rights and federalism clash with the GOP’s widespread calls to reject millions of ballots in multiple states. In his response, he said GOP-sponsored efforts to restrict voter access in nearly 47 states aim to make voting “harder to cheat.”

Republicans have defended their bills as attempts to increase “voter confidence” and protect “electoral integrity” while also leading efforts to undermine their results based on no evidence.

“By addressing our concerns about these elections, about electoral integrity, we are forcing these states, with their problems, to come back to the table and make these legislatures work together to ensure safer elections with greater integrity.” “, he added. he told CNN.

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