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Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has arrested Dr. Emmanuel Nibishaka, Deputy Director General of Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) for fraud and use of false documents.

Nibishaka is currently being held at Remera RIB station as his case is being compiled for prosecution.

RIB spokesman Thierry Murangira told the New Times that he is accused of defrauding people to whom he promised help to obtain visas.

“On May 21, RIB arrested and detained Dr. Emmanuel Nibishaka, Deputy Director General of the Rwanda Governing Council, for fraud and false documents.

“Nibishaka is accused by different people who testified that he took money from them with the promise to help them obtain visas to be able to travel to the United States,” he explained.

Murangira said that according to witnesses, Nibishaka did not help these people obtain visas and never refunded the money he received from them.

When asked about the number of people charging Nibishaka and the total amount of money they had paid, he said the investigation was ongoing for more details.

Meanwhile, according to unconfirmed sources, Nibishaka was intercepted from a country in the region, after allegedly leaving Rwanda with a false official authorization.

Senior officials are supposed to seek permission from the prime minister before they can leave the country.

Who is Nibishaka?

Dr. Emmanuel Nibishaka has been the Deputy Director General of the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) since July 2019.

Prior to joining RGB, he served as Secretary General of the National Human Rights Commission (NCHR), Republic of Rwanda (2017-2019) and First Counselor at the Mission of Rwanda to the United Nations in New York (January 2013 -August 2017).

He also led the international policy program of the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, Southern Africa office in Johannesburg before joining the diplomatic services of the Government of Rwanda in 2013.

Nibishaka also holds a postgraduate degree in International Law and United Nations Practice from New York University School of Law.

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