Teethanand Rao, colleague of Kapil Sharma, tries to kill himself over financial problems

Comedian Teerthanand Rao, who has appeared on numerous shows including “The Kapil Sharma Show,” “Crime Patrol” and “CID,” has struggled financially due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He attempted suicide but was saved by his neighbors.

The incident happened on December 27, when Rao went live on Facebook and called his assistant to explain why he was taking such drastic action in his life. When News18 contacted the actor, he revealed, “The last two years have been really tough. My financial situation is in shambles and I really have no savings. I have work including a movie called Pav Bhaji who hasn’t come out yet but they haven’t paid me, as well as the few web series I’ve done. There were days when I didn’t eat anything or just survived on a vada pav I realized the only way out of this mess was to end my life.

Speaking about the incident, he said: “I had uploaded a video and informed my assistant that if anything happened to me, my house where I am staying in Virar should go to my daughter. I even went live on Facebook to record the incident. My assistant somehow came and I was asked to open the door. The police were called and they took me to the hospital where I had a really bad time. I stayed there for four days.

Apart from the absence of work, Rao adds that the reason that prompted him to attempt suicide is that his family no longer associates with him. He said: “I have fallen in love with a bar dancer for almost two decades. Although we have never married, we have a daughter who was born in 2003. But when my living partner went to the United States in 2005, she fell in love with someone else and came back married. We last spoke in 2009.

The comedian further revealed that he had not been able to speak to his daughter for two years “I was not allowed to interact with her a lot. In 2019, she called me to tell me that she had married. I couldn’t believe it. I realized that my living partner had ruined my daughter’s life by marrying her so early. I tried several times over the past two years to enter in contact, but she refuses to speak to me.

Even his own mother and brother severed ties with him: “The police called my brother and my mother who are staying in the same compound. My brother told them that he had no relationship and that he had no money to give me. He doesn’t even allow my mom to talk to me. My sister who is also aware of the incident did not call to check on me. No one bothered to accompany me to the hospital and called me after that to check on my condition.

Famous for mimicking Bollywood actor Nana Patekar, the actor says he has virtually no financial support, “I got help from CINTAA but other than that no family member did not manifest. “

Rao says he’s really ashamed of trying to kill himself. “It was a big mistake on my part. I didn’t think twice before taking such a big step. I wouldn’t even let my enemies do such a thing. really weak feeling I haven’t fully recovered yet.

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