The life and crimes of Curtis ‘Cocky’ Warren – the £ 300million ecstasy, cocaine, heroin and cannabis baron on his release from prison


A notorious drug lord with ties to Manchester will be released from prison next year.

Curtis Warren, of Liverpool, is due for release after spending 14 years in prison.

Warren, 58 – who has amassed a deemed fortune of £ 300million – is set to be automatically released next year. He will not have to appear before the parole board because he is not serving a life sentence.

During the 1980s and 1990s, “Cocky” Warren, as he became known, went from running nightclub doors to armed robbery and then to international drug trafficking.

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In the 1990s, as Toxteth’s drug dealer, Warren included a number of veteran Manchester criminals in his operation.

Warren was comfortable working with Mancunians – reserving most of his antipathy to rival L8 crooks.

Two Manchester men were jailed with Warren in 1997.

Curtis Warren leaves Royal Court in St Hellier, Jersey on September 22, 2009, as he stands on trial for a £ 1million drug conspiracy

Warren was 12 years old for this plot – having organized the £ 125million drug shipment from the Netherlands to the UK.

Then, while serving a sentence in the maximum security prison of Nieuw Vossveld in the Netherlands, Warren was attacked by Turkish prisoner Cemal Guclu, a convicted killer.

Warren kicked his attacker in the head – killing him in self-defense – and was sentenced to four more years in prison.

The gangster was released in the summer of 2007 and sent back to Liverpool.

But in 2009, he was jailed for an additional 13 years for a conspiracy to smuggle 1 million pounds of cannabis into Jersey.

Drug lord Curtis Warren at work at Jersey airport

Then, following that conviction, he was sentenced to another ten years – after failing to pay a £ 198million confiscation order, one of the largest ever in Europe.

He has spent almost all of the past 25 years in prison.

Warren is on a list released by the NCA earlier this year of individuals involved in organized crime who have received serious crime prevention orders.

In his case, they include restrictions for five years after his release on his ability to use cars, property and phones, travel abroad, borrow money, make transfers, hold assets. trusts or stocks and to use foreign or virtual currencies.

He will not be allowed any assets worth more than £ 1,000, although he has allegedly lost £ 198million.

Alison Abbott, head of life management at the National Crime Agency, said: “Many career criminals view prison as an interruption which rarely marks the end of their involvement in organized crime. This is why the ANC has a policy of Lifetime Management.

“Through the NCA’s Lifetime Management Program, we are using Serious Crime Prevention Orders, Restricted Movement Orders and Financial Reporting Orders as an additional layer of prevention.

“They make sure we have these individuals firmly on our radar, especially after prison, and anything that suggests they are slipping down old lanes can be detected early on.”

Stephanie Smithwhite who was jailed for two years at Durham Crown Court after having sex behind bars with notorious gangster Curtis ‘Cocky’ Warren,

If he breaks the conditions, Warren can be returned to jail.

He is reportedly currently being held at HMP Long Lartin, a Category A prison in Worcestershire, and is expected to be transferred to a lower category prison in the months leading up to his release date next November.

Warren made headlines again last year when prison officer Stephanie Smithwhite was jailed for two years at Durham Crown Court after having sex with Warren behind bars.

Smithwhite, who was heard by a court making a hole in his uniform pants for having sex with Warren, has admitted two counts of misconduct in the public service.

She would have been “infatuated” with him, having his name tattooed next to a rose.

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