Thirdfort partners with SpineLegal to help legal professionals tackle the growing burden of fraud and compliance

Move marks another case management system integration as Thirdfort steps up its partnerships strategy.

Risk management platform Third Fort partners with a legal software platform SpineLegal as the company steps up its partnership strategy. The integration allows SpineLegal legal professionals to perform Know Your Client (KYC), Anti-Money-Laundering (AML) and Source-of-Funds (SoF) checks within the technology-powered SpineLegal platform peak of Thirdfort.

Integration with SpineLegal is another legal platform integration for Thirdfort. This decision helps Thirdfort better support legal professionals as they tackle the growing burden of fraud and compliance. The seamless integration between the two platforms allows law firms to manage all aspects of their cases in one place, eliminating the need to install additional software.

Thirdfort’s proprietary risk engine identifies fraud and money laundering risks faster, easier and more accurately than manual verification. The risk engine is powered by top KYC and AML services, as well as Open Banking and transaction-specific data.

SpineLegal is an innovative legal software platform that combines case management, practice management, legal accounting and a client portal. The company uses world-class technology and innovation to help law firms increase efficiency and increase profitability.

Integration first

Thirdfort will focus on two areas as part of its integration strategy. It will develop technology-driven integrations through its API with other technology platforms in the legal and real estate markets. It will also continue to develop SEO partnerships, which will play a key role in the development of KYC, AML and SoF risk management solutions. The strategy builds on Thirdfort’s goal of becoming an integration platform that helps protect life’s big transactions.

Thirdfort recently became an Affiliate Partner of the Law Society to help its more than 150,000 members combat the rising risk of fraud and money laundering.

Matt Berry, Head of Partnerships at Thirdfort, noted:

“Integrations are a key part of our growth strategy at Thirdfort. By partnering with innovative software providers for legal and real estate agencies such as SpineLegal, we can enhance the value of both platforms. Our partnership enables SpineLegal law firm users to benefit from our industry-leading platform and move cases forward, knowing they are compliant and dealing with real individuals.

Going forward, we are focused on building a strong partner ecosystem to ensure we can help as many professionals as possible. We will also continue to develop unique propositions for legal and real estate professionals looking to better manage fraud and money laundering risks.

Manoj Thomas, founder and director of SpineLegal, noted:

“Our partnership with Thirdfort adds a unique new value proposition for our legal clients, giving them the ability to perform identity, AML and SoF verifications with just one click. The integration means that our users will get easy-to-read PDF results and reports as soon as an audit is completed, which will enhance the operational efficiency that our platform offers to our customers.

As part of this partnership, Thirdfort is offering free checks to existing SpineLegal customers who choose to use Thirdfort. SpineLegal is also offering a 20% discount on all license fees for existing Thirdfort customers who decide to use SpineLegal. For more information, please visit:

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