TruNarrative provides integration and risk management services for MoneeMint


Another challenger bank turns to TruNarrative for digital integration and risk management. MoneeMint is a UK-based financial startup and promotes itself as the country’s premier ethical digital banking platform.

The company is partnering with TruNarrative in order to keep this promise. In this regard, TruNarrative will provide MoneeMint with automated identity verification and integration services that will make it easier for customers to create new accounts. TruNarrative will also provide ongoing risk and transaction monitoring to help prevent fraud.

The full TruNarrative platform comes with a case management system that will allow MoneeMint to perform manual reviews. Doing so will give MoneeMint more insight into customer behavior and allow the company to spot suspicious interactions.

MoneeMint itself markets its services primarily to millennials in the UK and Europe, with a strong emphasis on transparency and its first digital platform to attract new customers. The company currently supports international money transfers and offers prepaid Mastercard and prepaid account services through a partnership with Railsbank. However, he indicated that he plans to supplement this portfolio with new products in the months and years to come.

“I am delighted to be working with TruNarrative to provide us with a comprehensive transaction monitoring and filtering service to help us fight fraud and keep our customers’ money safe,” said Hassan Waqar, CEO by MoneeMint.

“Our partnership demonstrates TruNarrative’s commitment to helping organizations protect their business and customers from financial crime, while staying compliant and delivering a world-class customer experience,” added TruNarrative CEO John Lord.

TruNarrative recently provided onboarding and screening services for Juni, a banking startup that operates out of Sweden. Paragon Bank and ikigai, meanwhile, are among TruNarrative’s other UK clients. Paragon uses TruNarrative technology to distribute Bounce Back loans, while ikigai uses it to secure its own wealth management application.

June 15, 2021 – by Eric Weiss

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