UK trade fraud hot spots revealed

New research has revealed the UK’s biggest trade fraud hotspots – with York and North Yorkshire close to the top spot.

The research, conducted by anti-fraud experts SEON, identifies areas with the highest rates per 100,000 inhabitants.

Using data from Action Fraud, the data recorded both the total number of fraud reports in each area and the number of commercial or corporate fraud cases.

He then compared them to demographics, giving the relative rates of fraud and commercial fraud in each geographic area.

The City of London has the highest corporate fraud rate per 100,000 people in the country with 100.92 cases, which is not surprising given the City of London’s status as a hub of business. UK financial industry – home to a large number of businesses, while also being at home. to a relatively small number of people.

Nottinghamshire has the second highest corporate fraud rate in the country, making the county a much riskier place to do business than the majority of the country.

In third place is North Yorkshire. Researchers say this encompasses several affluent small towns and market towns, like York and Harrogate, which serve as trade hubs for the region and are likely the focus of attention for fraudsters in the region.

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