US siblings banned from leaving China for 3 years return to US


While the Biden administration said there was no agreement linking the resolution of Ms Meng’s case to the siblings’ release, their prolonged detention in China appeared to be linked to Ms Meng’s arrest in December. 2018, said Georgetown professor Evan Medeiros. University who was senior director for Asia on the National Security Council under President Barack Obama.

In late 2018, President Donald J. Trump raised the issue of Mr. and Mrs. Liu’s release during a summit in Argentina with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Mr. Xi had agreed to let them go, Mr. Medeiros, who was involved in the efforts to free the siblings. But the day the summit ended, Ms. Meng was arrested in Canada and the deal was canceled.

“There appears to have been a de facto link for China,” Medeiros said in a telephone interview.

U.S. officials have repeatedly warned that exit bans for U.S. citizens are a major concern. In its notice to US citizens considering traveling to China, the State Department identifies them as a risk. Often times, people find they are only stranded when they try to leave, the notice says, “and there is no reliable legal mechanism or process for how long or how long the ban might last. challenge in court “.

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken lobbied senior Chinese officials over exit bans during talks in Anchorage in March, and raised cases of Americans trapped in exit bans during the March. a phone call with China’s top foreign policy official, Yang Jiechi, in June.

When Under Secretary of State Wendy R. Sherman visited China for talks in July, she “raised cases of US and Canadian citizens” detained in China or held under exit bans , and told Chinese authorities that “people are not currencies. », The State Department said at the time.

Last month, Ms. Sherman held a meeting in Washington with the recently arrived Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Qin Gang, and “reviewed the issues” of her previous talks in China, The State Department said.

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