USA-IT urges Congress to fight illegal trade

WASHINGTON, December 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, a coalition of private and public experts met under the name United to Safeguard America from Illegal Trade (United States-IT), organized a one-of-a-kind political summit in Washington DC, to advocate that Congress adopt new policies that are urgently needed to address the growing threats posed by the illegal trade, including counterfeiting, smuggling, organized retail theft, and drug and human trafficking .

During the summit, senators Kyrsten Sinema (D-Az.) And Bill Cassidy (R-La.) Gave keynote addresses. “As a member of the Senate, I see loopholes in our laws and loopholes in our policies that facilitate the trade in illicit goods through criminal and terrorist networks. And as a doctor, I saw with my own eyes how the opioid crisis took the lives of 100,000 Americans during the pandemic, destroying families across this country, ” said the senator Bill Cassidy. “We need to solve the illicit trade to deal with all the deadly symptoms it creates. It’s not just a national health issue, it’s a national security issue.”

Cassidy continued, “Which makes United States– IT is important and unique because it brings together stakeholders from different industries, different sectors, different regions and different backgrounds with the aim of unifying the fight against illegal trade. “

“Keeping America safe is an ever-evolving challenge, and I look forward to continuing to work with Senator Cassidy and her colleagues on both sides of the aisle to plan for the future and further strengthen the security and competitiveness of America. We will achieve these goals through bipartisan cooperation. and coalitions, and you can count on me as a partner in the effort to stop the illicit trade “, said the senator Kyrsten Sinema.

Additionally, coalition members organized three panel discussions with subject matter experts from large and small businesses, law enforcement and policy experts to examine how illegal trade finances terrorism; the new challenges facing the police; and the vital role that public-private partnerships can play in reducing illegal trade.

United States-The IT partners present their policy recommendations to members of Congress, who United States-IT believes it can come up with solutions that effectively reduce the threat of illegal trade. These include:

  • Establish a national framework against illegal trade and organized crime;
  • Meet the challenges posed by electronic commerce;
  • Confront the abuse of small packages in the contraband trade;
  • Prevent foreign free zones (FTAs) from promoting illegal trade; and
  • Disincentivization of illicit activities through more severe sanctions and penalties for criminal and corrupt actors

Launched in June 2021, United States-IT is working in 12 states facing critical illegal trade issues to give local officials, law enforcement and other leaders new information and training programs and raise awareness of the seriousness and the seriousness of this crime. Nowadays, United States-IT brought together more than 60 national and national trademark enforcement experts, law enforcement agencies and leading business organizations dedicated to combating illegal trade.

“Law enforcement recognizes that any weakness in our system will be seen as an opportunity by criminals and terrorists. And we are certainly seeing vulnerabilities in our systems right now due to the ongoing supply shortage. ” noted United States– IT spokesperson and former director of the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Matt Albence. “Illegal trade enriches criminals and damages our economy, businesses and communities. Addressing it requires cooperation and public-private partnerships, making full use of existing expertise, information sharing, innovative solutions and evolving technologies, and that’s exactly what we are doing with it. United States-THIS.”

“Philip Morris International is proud to partner with such a diverse group of stakeholders from various industries and the public sector to expose the hidden costs and consequences of illegal trade,” noted Hernan Albamonte, Head of Illicit Trade Prevention in the United States for Philip Morris International. “By working together and putting this pervasive problem at the center of the attention of lawmakers, we can more effectively address this enormous threat to the security and prosperity of Americans.”

In 2019, counterfeit products deprived the U.S. economy of 131 billion dollars and 325,500 jobs, but its ills seep deeper into the fabric of American society there. Criminals enrich themselves from the illegal trade by stealing income intended to provide essential services to Americans. Instead of helping taxpayers, the money is being diverted to fuel some of the most dangerous criminal enterprises in the world. These groups exploit governments and citizens, manipulate financial systems, encourage corruption, and cultivate the instability and violence that threaten our communities.

Public actors, the private sector and civil society all have a role to play. It is only through cooperative efforts like United States-IT can effectively ensure a more secure, secure and prosperous future for us.

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On United States-THIS
United to protect America from illegal trade (United States-IT) is a public-private-sector partnership designed to help protect the security and prosperity of the United States from black market criminals.

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