USA TODAY has harsh words for Tar Heels after loss


After a few crazy weeks at the Atlantic Coast conference, the UNC football program got a chance to run and make some noise in the conference the rest of the way. But after Saturday’s loss to Georgia Tech in Atlanta, it quickly fell apart.

North Carolina took a 7-0 lead over the Yellow Jackets with a rushed touchdown from Sam Howell following a blocked punt. And that would be the bright spot the rest of the way for the Tar Heels as the Yellow Jackets imposed their will and ran away with this game to send UNC to 2-2 this season.

It was an embarrassing performance for Mack Brown’s Tar Heels, a team that placed No.10 this season and that No.21 game. But it quickly showed that the Tar Heels have been more of a contender than a contender since. the beginning.

After Saturday’s loss to Georgia Tech, USA TODAY Writer Dan Wolken had some harsh words for the Tar Heels placing them number one on his misery index and categorically calling them the biggest frauds in all of college football:

The Tar Heels were the talented Mr. Ripley this season, but it turns out they weren’t that talented. Unlike the character in Matt Damon’s movie, which lasted nearly 2.5 hours, it only took about half for the North Carolina football team to be exposed as a total fraud.

It turns out the Tar Heels were as fake as Fyre Fest and faded from the scene faster than Crystal Pepsi. After being completely destroyed by Georgia Tech on Saturday 45-22, North Carolina as a preseason top 10 team is one of those notions that in retrospect seems as misguided as a seafood buffet in $ 5.

It’s not just that North Carolina is playing poor football. This is the general state of the program. But when Brown comes out of retirement, starts recruiting well, wins a few games early on, and raises expectations dramatically – only to be out of the game for something big before October – there’s a different level of disappointment.

Should we all see this coming? It’s not UNC’s fault that they’ve been outscored in the preseason polls. Yes, they returned 21 starters from that Orange Bowl game, but they lost FIVE players in the NFL Draft, including four of their best offensive players.

Of course other teams reload with talent and if you want to be at that level you have to do that too. The Tar Heels are not yet at that level and this year proves it.

Even though the UNC was overrated and undeserving of its Top 10 ranking, what makes it so much worse is that it has now lost two road games against teams it should have beaten. Especially on Saturday when they came into the game as two touchdown favorites against a struggling Yellow Jackets side.

The bottom line is that the UNC is not yet ready to take this next step. It won’t happen this year and probably not next year. But this season is not yet a total waste as they can use it to build the program and start taking small steps to get to where they want to be.

And if they want that to happen, they have to take a long look in the mirror and fix things… now.

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